Nanowrimo Reflection

NaNoWrMo was fun because I really enjoy writing and it was cool that I got to write a whole story in a month. My NaNoWriMo story ended up having over 8,000 words and I am very proud of the final results. My word count goal was 5,500 at the start of November but I ended up changing it to 6,500 because I got a lot more done than I expected. Here is a paragraph from my story:

I was awake already and Rosie needed food anyway so I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to see my dad having breakfast. “You’re up early!” He said, “I think you have definitely broken the record for the earliest time a teenager has ever woken up!” He said. I smiled pathetically. “Toast?” “Yes please.” I was starting to reconsider getting out of bed, My eyes were half closed and I could barely walk. Maybe reading to 12:30 wasn’t a very good idea. “My birthday is next week.” I kindly reminded dad. “I know,” he said curiously. “Well before I say anything, I just wanted to say that I love you and I appreciate all you have done for this family. And wow that cap looks perfect on you, did you do something to your hair today?” Dad looked at me and sighed. “How much then?” He said pulling out his wallet. 

If I won the lottery…

If I won the lottery, I would probably give a quarter away to my family, a quarter of it to charity, and a quarter of it saved up in my bank account. Then with the other quarter- I would go crazy and buy an awesome mansion in America and I would travel the world and get to know some knew people, I would also buy a holiday home in New Zealand on a massive farm, And get heaps of cute animals. And when I’m in america- I would let my friends and family stay in it and look after all my pets. Now that I’ve got it all planned out- I just hope I win the lottery soon!

My story so far…

Death to the heart

Chapter one (Car Crash)


I quickly hid in the bathroom cubicle, my heart racing as I try to hold my breath so no-one would notice me. It didn’t work. Britney had heard me and so did her group of crazy wannabe followers. Britney- A vain, flirty, lip gloss addicted, mean girl! “COME OUT SHRIMP!” She yelled at me- I hated when she called me that. The reason I get called that is because I am extremely short, I used to be called ‘Hobbit’ in my old school because I also have enormous feet, that’s why I changed schools. But Britney doesn’t know that yet- because I squish my feet into shoes that are very small (It’s painful but it’s definitely worth it!) I miss my old school, well I miss my friend Rosa. She’s my only friend really. I haven’t made any friends at Scatter High, and I wasn’t holding my breath.


I kept quiet. Just hoping they would eventually go away. But they were still there after lunchtime trapping me in the inside. “You’ll be late for class shrimp!” Oh No- I thought to myself. My next class was algebra and we have Ms Perry today, Ms Perry isn’t only the meanest teacher in the whole school, she also hates year 10 students. No-one knows why, but I do know that she used to have a child, His name was Josh- he got run over a couple of years ago (when he was year 10) And I don’t think Ms Perry has recovered. Anyway I wasn’t looking forward to showing up late and getting detention for the rest of the week. I figured I wasn’t going to get out of there before hometime, so decided to just have a little sleep.


I must have in there for something like 2 hours because the bell had rung for hometime, Britney was gone and my mum was outside the Girls bathroom having what seemed like a serious conversation with my principal- Mr Renard. I couldn’t hear much of what they were saying but I heard the words Ms Perry, Detention and Month! WHAT?!!!- A month?! I was expecting a week or 2, But a month, I mean that’s a little bit harsh- isn’t it?! And plus it wasn’t my fault that I fell asleep! It was Britney’s. Man, I wish I could tell someone about what she does to me, But I can’t. Because she knows a really important secret of mine that would ruin my life if anyone else found out. And she said she’d share the secret with the whole school if I didn’t keep my mouth shut. It is getting to the point that I have to tell someone, No I can’t, not only would she tell my school but she’s also the social media queen!!! I have seen her Instagram account and she has something like, ummm, I don’t know, 1 million followers!!! I just wish I was somewhere other than the bathroom where there’s more than one way out! I feel like crawling into a 10 metre deep hole and burying myself so there was no way in or out.


I slowly crept out of the cubicle and then out of the bathroom to see my mum standing with her arms folded, she had obviously finished talking to Mr Renard. I tried looking really guilty so I would be let off this one time, but there was no point. I wasn’t getting out of it this time! I kept quiet for the rest of the day and so did mum.


It was 11:00 at night, I couldn’t sleep. I thought about going downstairs to talk to mum but I figured it would only make things worse. Just then I heard the front door open- It was dad. I hope mum doesn’t tell dad about today (he would be furious!) Dad’s been acting really weird lately, and he’s been coming home late from work each night. I don’t know what it is but something is definitely up.


My eyes adjusted to the sunlight as I lay in my bed.” Yes! it’s Saturday!”

I shouted, obviously a bit too loud because a minute later dad was in my room telling me to be a bit quieter. A few hours later we were all up and ready. “Dad what are we doing today” I asked “It’s a surprise” He answered. This is exciting, I thought to myself “Where’s mum?” I asked dad. “Having a sleep in, Now let’s go- I have a feeling you’re going to like this!” That made me even more excited. We hopped in the car and I turned the radio on. After about an hour we stopped outside the American National Writers Museum. “YAY” I squealed. I love writing, my writing teacher ‘Ms Black jersey’ really helps me- she’s probably the reason I started loving writing in the first place! Anyway I was super excited. We had just finished looking at the room of Dr Suess (my favourite!), when dad said we should head home. We were almost done anyway, so it didn’t matter that much. On the way to the car we walked past an ice-cream shop. “PLEASE?” I begged, using those puppy dog eyes that parents can’t resist. “OK honey” “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I chose lemon flavour and dad chose cookies and cream. We ate our yummy icecreams and got into the car. About half an hour later we came to a red light, The car stopped. Then it went green again so dad drove straight ahead.


I can’t remember anything since that moment, Other than the fact that I’m now in a hospital bed with mum crying in the armchair next to me. She was holding a picture of her and dad on their wedding day. I saw the clock- it was 8pm and on the computer next to me it said that it was sunday, How long had I been asleep or am I just dreaming, wait a minute, where was dad? If I was in hospital wouldn’t dad want to come and see me? I made a grunting noise so mum would notice me. She practically leaped off her chair. I smiled, well I tried to but it hurt when I did.

“Where’s Daddy” I mumbled.  


Chapter 2 (Happily married?)


Mum looked at me in a depressed and sad way. I was confused, “Your father is next door, Sophie” “Can I see him?” I asked “Maybe later.” She said, with a wobbly voice. I looked at her in a strange/unconvinced way but didn’t say anything. Just at that moment, A pretty, blonde woman came rushing through the door. “Has anyone seen Mark Hadfield?” She shouted. “You mean my husband?” said mum. The lady looked at mum in a strange way. “I think you mean my feyonce!” replied the woman. Mum and I looked at each other in disbelief. The room was silent for about 3 minutes, until mum eventually said “I think we must be talking about different people, I mean we are happily married, He’s not a cheater, right honey?” She looked down at me. “Umm, no offense mum but I don’t think there would be 2 Mark Hadfield’s in 1 hospital”I said, unconvinced “Ok, I’m leaving, wherever Mark is, tell him he can take this ring back. Oh yea and tell him that we’re through!” She stormed out the door. Mum looked at me, We both had the same shocked looks on our faces.


Just then, a nurse came running through. “Your husband’s awake, you can come through to see him if you like” Mum shoved past the nurse and into the room next to mine. I knew what she was doing. I could hear shouting from the other side of the wall, It was mum’s voice. Then I heard silence and then the slam of a door. Mum came back through, she looked horrible- like she had just been crying. Mum had only come through to get her bags. “I’m going home, dad’s next door if you want to see him, the nurse said you can get out of bed!” She said. I jumped out of bed and gave her a hug, she hugged me back then she walked down the hall and out of the hospital. Straight away I went over to dad’s hospital room. He was staring out the window. He turned around like he was about to say something but somehow couldn’t get it out of him. I just stood there staring at him for what seemed like an hour but was only about 5 minutes.

Dad finally said something, but it wasn’t a sorry or an excuse. He said that he was paralysed from the neck down. When he said it the first time, I didn’t really believe him. Then he said it again and it all sunk in. I stared at him, obviously forgetting about the cheating thing. I was so upset, “Um dad… are you going to be OK?” “I’ll be fine,” He replied. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do, Somehow I ended up walking backwards all the way to the hospital room that I was staying in.


One of the doctors came in to see me, She looked nice. “How are you coping Sophie?” she asked me. “I’m fine, but dad isn’t.” “Your father is coping brilliantly with all of this, You just have to remember it’s going to affect your family quite a lot- things won’t be the same anymore.” “Yeah if we are a family.” I mumbled. “What do you mean?”she asked “Dad’s been cheating on my mum!” I said with tears rushing down my cheeks. “Oh, you poor thing!” she said, while hugging me, Just at that moment, a nurse came running through the door. “Mark isn’t breathing!!!” She screamed. “OK I’ll be right there, You stay there honey!”she said calmly “What! My dad’s dying, and you want me to just stand here?!” I yelled. “Please, we will try our best but we need you to stay in this room.” She replied like it wasn’t a big deal. I did as she said. I was worried sick for the next few hours. I was all alone. Then I had a thought- this is all my fault! If I had said no to going in the car with dad, then none of this would have happened. But it’s too late now, I’m in hospital care and my dad’s dying! And on top of all that, my dad’s been cheating on my mum!!! How could my life get any worse, Oh wait it just did.


My mum came in the room with a tall handsome man who looked about 20 – They were kissing. “MUM!!!” I yelled, she looked at me but kept on kissing that creepy stranger. “DAD’S DYING AND YOU’RE SMOOCHING A 20 YEAR OLD CREEP!!!”I shouted. “WHAT?!” she screamed, and ran through to dad. I was left there inspecting the guy who was kissing my mum. That obviously made him uncomfortable, because the second I looked away, he was gone!


Chapter 3 (Basketball)


Well it all went downhill from there- my dad died and The worst possible thing happened at school! It’s Monday today, and I was allowed to go school. But when I was walking down the corridor, on my way to gym class, when I saw Britney talking to her BFFs- Rochelle, Miranda and Melissa. I could just make out what they were saying, At first I didn’t really care, but when she said her mum was dating someone called Mark Hadfield I totally lost it! My dad cheating on my mum was enough, but why did he have to be dating Britney’s mum?! I just hope this relationship doesn’t go any further, I do not need that retarded chick  as my step sister! Oh wait, that can’t happen because he’s kind of, Uhh, I don’t know- DEAD! Anyway, when I heard what they were saying I was in so much shock that I dropped all of my text books, which definitely caught their attention! The turned around and started laughing, “Looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time together Shrimp, Because I’m making sure this thing between your dad and my mum works, Once our parents get married- I’m going to make you wish you were never born!!!” They all cackled like witches, “Yeah? Well your mum broke up with my dad, So good luck with that!” I didn’t say anything about dad being dead because I didn’t need her getting involved in my private life! Britney looked confused. She was about to say something, when Ms Black Jersey came stomping through the corridor. “Aren’t you lot supposed to be in gym?!” She yelled “Uhh, Yes miss.” said Britney, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet but all of the teachers in the school think that Britney’s an angel. (But trust me it’s the opposite, She’s a devil) Anyway we all started walking to gym class, “It’s good to see you’re making some friends Sophie!” Miss Black Jersey yelled from the other side of the corridor. I smiled pathetically.


We had arrived at the gym, and Mr Harper (our gym teacher) had just told us that we were learning how to play basketball- I already knew how (I’m kind of a pro!). Great, just great!!! We were put into teams but the annoying thing is- I was last to be picked by the captains! (Britney and Alex- the two most sporty girls in the entire school!!!) And guess what- there was an uneven amount of girls so I just had two sit out! IT WAS SOOO BORING!!! I just sat there watching them play my favourite sport- It looked like so much fun!


“RING, RING, RING!!!” That was the bell. It was hometime, and I was about to hop on my bike and ride home when Mr Renard (my principal) reminded me that I had my first detention. Shoot! I had like totally forgot about that friday incident and, Oh yeah- the MONTHS detention thing!!! I had 2 options, I could either run away when Mr Renard blinks or just not make this a big deal and go inside. I choose the 2nd one! I was in there for what seemed like 5 million days but was only 1 hour, The whole time I was just sitting there- catching up on homework (The only reason I hadn’t done it already is because I was kind of unconscious!!! Anyway my principal obviously didn’t know about that because he was being extra harsh on me.

And when I finished my homework he made me scrape the chewing gum off from under all the desks! I was onto the last desk, A sigh of relief came out of me. Just at that moment- I started having a migraine (I get those a lot, so does my mum.) this was an extra painful one though, and it wasn’t like the normal ones I get. It was like everything around me had just disappeared! I just lay on the ground- hoping it would eventually go away, but it didn’t. I was in so much pain that I actually fell asleep! And the next thing I know- I’m in a hospital bed again!

Half way (Poem) HOMEWORK🤓

Oh no! It’s the last homework of the term!- So sad!😀 Anyway for my last homework I’m going to write a poem about the first half of the year and what we did… 

We are at half way point, for twenty sixteen,

The Kereru Block’s nice but not always clean!

I am really looking forward to term 3,

And all of the cool activities.

But I definitely need a break,

Of school and using my brain.

 In the first week I’m going to Christchurch ,

And yes I’m going on a plane!

So that Sums it up for my awesome poem,

And I hope you all agree.

That we all desperately need a break,

But we still can’t wait for term 3

Homework- M&M milkshake!

This week for homework I made an M&M milkshake. I used milk, milo vanilla yogurt and (obviously) M&Ms. I used the blender to mix it up. It tasted really nice- I am actually drinking it ask I write! Here are some photos that I took:

image image


Da Loly Shop (There is bad spelling 4 a reason, If you keep reading you will find out why)

Ther i was, standng in front of the loly shop. my moth watering and my face presed up against the glas. I coud se lolies evrywere. And I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see. It was at dat moment that I decided my future job- I want to own a loly shop! But I am onwy 4 so thats a lot of time to wait. I wouldnt actualy sell the lollys tho. I wod just eet them and giv maby 1 or 2 to my friends. (Sory for all da bad speling -i am only 4 yers old!)

Screenshot 2016-06-22 at 10.21.18 AM